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School Materials

All literature materials are shared by Waiau students. Textbooks and other resources are costly and the school invests a large amount to ensure adequate materials for our students. Let’s teach our children to treat books and all other school property with care.

All textbooks should be covered. Any damage should be reported immediately to the classroom teacher or to the librarian so that necessary repairs can be made.

Chapter 57 as well as Hawai’i Revised Statutes Section 302A-1130 allow for the collection of the replacement costs of items that are lost or damaged. Therefore, it is our policy to charge a student the original cost of any textbook, library or classroom material that has been lost or damaged.

Lost Book Refund Policy

If payment has been made for a lost book and the book is found, a refund may be requested when the book is returned. The original receipt is required. Refunds will be made only for books lost within the current school year.