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The school meal program is partially subsidized by the Federal and State governments. Meals are prepared for students and staff members only. Parents and siblings may not purchase or share a school meal. All meals must be consumed entirely in the cafeteria. Leftovers are NOT to be taken out of the cafeteria to be eaten on the way to class, saved for a snack or taken home for consumption.

Breakfast is served from 7:15 to 7:40 a.m. daily. Students will not be served after 7:40 a.m. so that they are able to arrive at the classroom before 7:50 a.m.
BREAKFAST with milk..........$ 1.10
Reduced breakfast................$ 0.30
Second breakfast..................$ 2.40
Lunch is served from 10:45 to 11:50 daily.
LUNCH with milk....................$ 2.50
MILK only...............................$ 0.80
Reduced lunch.......................$ 0.40
Second lunch.........................$ 5.50
Adult Lunch............................$ 5.50
During lunch service, students take only foods that they wish to eat versus being served all foods. Students should select at least three of the five choices offered for the lunch that day. This allows students to be in control over their meal and helps to avoid food allergies and waste. A complete lunch offered by the DOE, has at least five components and includes:
1.Meat/ Meat Alternative
2.Fruit/ Vegetable
3.Vegetable/ Fruit
4.Grains and Bread
and possibly a dessert item.
Please talk to your child about making healthy choices. All students are encouraged to eat a healthy balanced meal but ultimately it is up to the child to make those choices in school. Consider reviewing the lunch menu together so that your child knows what choices you would like them to make. School meals are planned to meet the necessary dietary requirements of growing children. We, therefore, encourage all children to buy school lunch. However, if you know that your child will not eat at least 3 items on any given day, consider sending them with a healthy home lunch instead. Please do not send items that contain peanuts or peanut products.
Children are not allowed to bring snacks or additional drinks into the cafeteria during lunch unless it is part of a complete home lunch and they will not be purchasing a cafeteria meal on that day.
Breakfast and Lunch Accounts
All students must have credit in a meal account prior to taking a school lunch or breakfast. There is no money exchanged in the cafeteria line. Payments should be made at the front office by the first of the month to maintain a continuous balance. Notifications of low and zero balances will be made through the automated phone system.
A locked drop box is available in the office for payments by cash or check, payable to “Department of Education.” All payments must be in a labeled envelope (available in the office).  Please be sure to clearly write your child's legal name and room number, date of deposit, and amount submitted.  Receipts will be sent home with your child the next school day.
You can also deposit into your child's account through (there is a fee for using this online deposit method). 
If your child does not have a balance in a meal account, your child will be asked to call a parent for a deposit for a meal that day. If a deposit is not made, your child will not receive a complete meal that day.

Free/Reduced Meal Benefits
Free and Reduced Meal applications are processed continuously throughout the year. Meal benefits support both the families and the school. We highly encourage all families to look into this opportunity and apply if you think that you may possibly qualify. One application should be completed per household. Applications are available at the school office, or go online for a faster response at ( Paper application is not required if applying online.  If you are applying for meal benefits, please follow all instructions thoroughly and turn in the form to the school office or mail directly to the address on the form. Applications will be processed by the School Food Service Branch to determine eligibility. A letter of Notification of Eligibility will be sent home upon determination.
Students who received meal benefits the prior school year will continue that status for only 30 school days in the new school year. Applications must be submitted and approved annually.