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Title I Program

Waiau Elementary School has qualified for Title I funding for SY 2023-24.


What does this mean?

  • Our school has at least 47.2% of students who receive free and reduced lunch.
  • Our school receives significant federal funding that supports our school positions, educational programs and initiatives as well as parent engagement activities.
  • Federal Title I funding received is used to support students and help with improving student academic achievement.
  • Parents have a right to be involved.
Requirements of a Title I school:
    • A Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) must be done to identify the needs of the school.
    • The school Academic Plan needs to be implemented and monitored throughout the year & completed yearly.
    • A Fiscal Requirement Form (FRF) budget must be aligned to the Academic Plan and implemented by the school.
    • Parent and Family Engagement activities are provided to improve student academic achievement and school performance.

Parent involvement is a vital component in your child’s education.

  • Research is clear that parent involvement makes a big difference in student success.
  • Waiau Elementary believes that academic success involves parents, students and teachers.
  • We have a parent-student-teacher compact in our school planner that reviews all of our responsibilities for student success in school.

Thank you for supporting your child and Waiau Elementary School!