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Welcome, Waiau Musicians!

Welcome Back To School 2020 - 2021!  
YES, it may be online, yes it may be different, but....we still have Music!!!!!!
I will still be sharing music with your children online according to the music schedule that has been shared with you by your homeroom teacher.  Music will start on 8/31!  Until then, please remember to sing, dance, play, write, listen to music every single day!  See you soon!
  • Music is the Key to Creativity because Music opens up the pathways to creative thinking.  A creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations.  Listening to instrumental Music and playing a musical instrument require maximum right brain usage, which exercises one's creativity and oneʻs intellect.  Music makes us smarter and provides balance.  Music influences the rhythm of our bodies thereby affecting our emotions.  That is why music can heal.  Music is life.
  • CHOOSE LOVE!  Love is the foundation of everything positive in the world!  CONFIDENCE!  We all need it!  This yearʻs music program will incorporate new routines encouraging our students to choose love as a way to build stronger and happier students who have the CONFIDENCE it takes to reach for the stars in all that they do!  Curriculum, music, and video clips will be part of the activities that will take place in music every single day!  We are off to a great year!  
  • Check out CYMATICS - by Nigel Standford.  In a series of video clips, he has proven that music has the ability to affect humans in wondrous ways!  Ask your child to share what they have learned!
Ms. Harada's Music Class

Music Google Classroom

Waiau musicians, if you want to go over my slides or resources that we use in music class during non-school hours, you can access them through my Music Google Classroom. Please scroll down to your grade level and click on your classroom teacher's name. Mahalo.
***Please join the Google Classroom using the student's waiaues email!***


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