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  • Music is the Key to Creativity because Music opens up the pathways to creative thinking.  A creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations.  Listening to instrumental Music and playing a musical instrument require maximum right brain usage, which exercises one's creativity and oneʻs intellect.  Music makes us smarter and provides balance.  Music influences the rhythm of our bodies thereby affecting our emotions.  That is why music can heal.  Music is life.
  • BELIEVE!  HOPE!  IMAGINATION!  DREAM BIG!  Where else can we find the best inspiration to dream big and believe in our dreams than at the Olympics?  Through music, the Olympics, and POKEMON,  I hope to inspire in our students the importance of using their imaginations to dream big and to believe and hope that those dreams will come true.  It will be an exciting year of creativity in music.  Join us!
  • RECORDER TIME!  It is time to order our recorders.  Grade 3 students and those 4th and 5th grade students that need to order will be bringing an order blank home this week.  Recorders cost $6 and cash only can be turned in to their homeroom teachers by Tuesday, Sept. 6.   Please refer to the attached order blank for more information.