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Cafeteria Rules

Model the Waiau School Core Values in and around the cafeteria.
we are united in our commitment to care about…


  1. Show respect to Lunchroom Supervisors, yourself and others.
  2. Walk to and from AND in and around the cafeteria.
  3. Wait nicely on the yellow line in lunch order. Do not cut in line.
  4. Take the foods that you will eat as you pass through the line. You may not have a second serving or go back to get something you missed once you sit down.
  5. Use quiet voices: Speak softly to neighbors. Do not yell or speak to others at other tables or waiting in line.
  6. Keep your personal space; hands to yourself. Make room at the table for others.
  7. Practice good table manners. Keep all food on the tray and off tables and floors.
  8. Eat your own food. Do not share food or drinks.
  9. Stay in your seat.
  10. Raise your hand when help is needed.
  11. Eat your entire breakfast/lunch in the cafeteria unless permission is granted by the teacher to eat in the classroom. No food or milk should leave the cafeteria.
  12. Eat snacks & drinks during recess only unless they are part of a home lunch. (No carbonated or caffeinated drinks allowed)
  13. Close your milk carton and pick up all food and rubbish when leaving the table.
  1. Clean up your eating area
  2. Put litter in the trash cans