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Other School Policies

Bounced Check Fee

In accordance with HRS Section 40-35.5, the Department of Education and Waiau Elementary will collect a $25.00 service charge for any dishonored check.

Request for Copies

The Department of Education has set the cost of copies of records at $.25 per page. Waiau Elementary will charge for requests made for duplicate copies of student records.

Requests should be made in writing at the school office and paid for at that time. Copies will be sent home with your child within ten (10) business days upon receiving your request.

Student Service

DOE policy states that pupil assistance in the office, library, cafeteria and classroom will occur throughout the school year. Students in the fourth through sixth grades quickly learn essential lessons in courtesy, neatness, service and responsibility. These are important traits that fulfill the DOE General Learner Outcomes as well as the Waiau School Core Values.

If your child is unable to participate because of a physical reason, please submit a signed statement from your physician stating the reason.