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Health & Safety

Peanut Free Policy

For the health and safety for those with allergies, Waiau has adopted a “Peanut Free Policy.” Please help us create a “peanut free” environment. Check ingredients in pre-packaged products and do not send any food item to school containing peanuts or peanut products. Mahalo for your cooperation as we strive to care for all of our children.

Illness & Injury

Waiau has a full time school health aid on campus available to students during school hours. If your child becomes ill or injured at school, you will be notified. Since schools are not equipped to care for sick or injured children, parents must come for the child when necessary. If the injury is serious and we are unable to contact the parent or any of the people listed on the emergency card, 911 will be called.

‘Uku Policy (Head lice)

Parents are responsible for screening children for nits and “‘ukus”. Please inform the school of any infestation so we can take preventative action for other students. Students may also be checked periodically at school. If a student has ‘ukus, a parent will be contacted and the child will be sent home with a Dept. of Health form SHS-35A. DOH recommends treatment with an over-the-counter pediculosis shampoo. Brochures and fliers, covering instructions relating to all family members and how to care for the home, are available in the health room or through the Department of Health.

Children must be treated thoroughly at home and are expected back to school on the next day. Students should report to the health room for clearance before returning to class. The treatment of ‘ukus is not considered an excused absence. A student will be referred to the health room if noticeable itching occurs.

No Smoking

Smoking and use of tobacco products are prohibited at all times “On public school campuses, school vehicles, and off campus sites under the operational control of the principal or designee.” This includes the school’s parking lot and while attending school events such as field trips. Your cooperation and support in this matter will greatly assist the Department in providing our students and staff with a safe learning and working environment. As a courtesy to the students, faculty, and staff, please refrain from emptying ashtrays in our parking lot and disposing of cigarette butts on campus.

E-cigarettes are considered to be contraband items. It is a violation of HAR Chapter 19 regulations to possess or use e-cigarettes on school campus or at school events. Any offense is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
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