School Policies » Recess


Recess allows students and teachers a time to take a break from instruction. Students should utilize this time to use the restroom, have a light healthy snack, reenergize and socialize with friends. Students should make responsible choices and demonstrate safe and appropriate positive behaviors. Those who display improper behavior and disregard school rules will be asked to sit on the side during recess and will be reported to their classroom teacher or the office.

On occasion, the classroom teacher may hold students in for a part of or the entire recess period for additional tutoring, to complete assignments/missing homework, or for discipline due to infractions of classroom rules.

Procedures and Rules

1. Recess is held on the field (Waiau Neighborhood Park) and on the “courtyard” area between D & F Buildings. Students select the area where they want to play and remain there for the entire recess. Movement between areas and loitering in off limits areas is not allowed. After the first 5 minutes of recess, students may only choose the courtyard.
The field is available for students who want to:
  • run and exercise
  • use the playground equipment (see Safety Procedures-Playground Equipment)
  • join the P.E. teacher for organized activities
The “courtyard” area, is available for students who want to:
  • read & play quiet games/hopscotch
  • talk story with friends
  • enjoy the shade and benches under the trees
  • Running and activities near P10 is allowed for Kindergarten and 1st grade only.
2. The Waiau Neighborhood Park bathroom is off limits. Students should use the D building bathrooms only. Once a student leaves the big field for any reason, they may not return.

3. Students will walk to and from the play areas using the sidewalks.

4. Toys are not allowed. Toys brought to the playground will be put away as directed by supervisor or may be confiscated.

5. At the end of recess, the bell will ring and all students outside must "freeze" (stand still). A yard duty teacher will then blow their whistle to "unfreeze" the students who must walk back to class in a timely manner using the sidewalks.

6. Waiau Safety Guides are on duty around the school grounds to keep students safe by reminding students to walk and avoid off-limit areas. Students should be instructed by classroom teachers to abide by Safety Guide reminders.

7. Teachers will report to recess duty as soon as the bell rings and patrol the recess area keeping all students under supervision. A portable first aid kit is available for teachers on duty on the field. Fanny pack first aid kit is located in the library workroom.

8. In case of an emergency, the recess duty teacher will call for assistance from recess duty partner (or P.E. teacher on the field). Adults will tend to injuries and escort student to health room. If serious accident occurs, Health Aid should be summoned on to the field. Adults will maintain order and keep other students calm and away from injured student. When emergency is over, “Accident Report” form will be completed (available from the Health Aid.)