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Oli Mahalo

To play recording of oli, press the title, Oli Mahalo, directly above. 
‘Uhola ‘ia ka makaloa lā
Pū‘ai i ke aloha ā
Kūka‘i ‘ia ka loa lā
Pāwehi mai nā lehua.
Mai ka ho‘oku‘i a ka hālāwai lā
Mahalo e nā akaua,
Mahalo e nā kūpuna lā ‘eā
Mahalo me ke aloha lā,
Mahalo me ke aloha lā

In the fourth grade we will study the life and times of ancient Hawaiians.  We will integrate their traditional Hawaiian values in our daily school lives like: ‘imi ‘ike (to seek knowledge), laulima (to work cooperatively), kuleana (to be responsible) and pono (to be moral and proper). With your help and support we will nurture wonderful children who are life long learners.

Island Lesson

Students were given an island (cookie) to live on and use a natural resource (harvesting ʻopihi) to make a living. They graphed the perimeter and area of their island before and after harvesting. Next, calculated the income earned. Finally ended with discussions on different issues like economics, sustainability (mālama honua) and responsibility (kuleana). We also watched strip mining videos of what is currently happening today.

Erosion Lesson

Students were given the task to created mini land formations to model different types of erosion to their peers.