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Choose Love Waiau!

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to ensure that every child has access to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in their classrooms and to help facilitate this teaching within their families, schools, and communities. We do this in honor of Jess and to spread the message he left on his family's kitchen chalkboard shortly before he died- "Nurturing, Healing Love."
Founder, Scarlett Lewis has personally dedicated her life's work to sharing Jesse's message to make a positive impact on our world and by supporting the efforts of increasing the awareness and benefits of SEL by "Choosing Love."
Social and Emotional Learning
Long-term studies have shown that social and emotional learning (SEL) is more important than academic learning to a student's success, academically and in life. All students deserve to receive SEL in their classrooms based on the evidence compiled from decades of research showing the tremendous life-long benefits of SEL mentally, physically, and emotionally for students. In fact, SEL is the most powerful and proactive mental health initiative we have. All evidence points to SEL being a necessary component of our children's education and a powerful solution to the issues we face in our society today.
Choose Love Family at Home

Hello Ohana Waiau! While your child is practicing to Choose Love at school, check out how you can "Choose Love At Home!"   It’s totally free to sign-up and establish an account, just click on the link below “Home Link” to take you there. You can find lots of Choose Love activities and resources that you can enjoy doing together as a family.  You will  be able to incorporate the same pillars taught at school and use the same language that your children are familiar with right there in the comfort of your own home. You and your family can help to “Choose Love” to help make our world a safer and kinder place for us all!!