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Kumu Iwalani Foster » Kumu ʻIwalani - Papa 'Elima

Kumu ʻIwalani - Papa 'Elima

Welina me ke aloha! ʻO au nō ʻo ʻIwalani Foster, ke kumu papa 'elima ma ke kula kaiapuni ʻo Waiau. Hānau ʻia au ma Oʻahu nei a hānai ʻia ma uka, Hōnaunau, Kona, Hawaiʻi.

My name is ʻIwalani Foster, and I am the Hawaiian language immersion fifth grade teacher here at Waiau. Born on Oʻahu, I was raised in the uplands of Hōnaunau, Kona, Hawaiʻi. I have two children who both attend ke kula kaiapuni ʻo Waiau. Having the opportunity to learn, perpetuate, and practice Hawaiian language/culture as an ʻohana is a privilege in this day and age. Being immersed here at Waiau gives my ʻohana that opportunity on a daily basis.

Here at Waiau, we follow a rigorous standards based curriculum.
Kahua is our Hawaiian language arts curriculum. Haumāna continue to build foundational skills for reading and writing.  Many Hawaiian stories are read throughout this school year.  These readings provide the opportunity for us to continue improving our fluency in Hawaiian language and expand our cultural knowledge.  
In fifth grade, we introduce formal English language instruction to our immersion students.   Waiau implements the Wonders language arts curriculum.
Utilizing both curricula, we strive to improve students reading comprehension, and their application of reading strategies and vocabulary skills.
The Write Tools writing process has been adopted by the entire Pearl City complex.  Ke Kula Kaiapuni ʻO Waiau implements this writing process in Hawaiian, as well as the English language.  This writing process starts with planning, moves to drafting, continues with revising, improves with editing, and culminates with publishing.  This consistent, spiraled approach, supports our writers, from papa mālaa'o through Papa 'eono.      
Holo is our standards based mathematics curriculum. Throughout the school year, students will add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals and fractions.  Units of mathematical study also include geometry and measurement.
Science, art, music, physical education, and technology are also an important part of our daily/weekly activities. Waiau School believes strongly in developing the whole child.

Hawaiian language is used while teaching and learning in all subject areas.