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We are committed to the success of our students. We believe that support and funding in the earlier years of elementary education is critical to acquiring foundational skills. Literacy Support is offered to targeted students in the area of reading in grades K-2 in both our English and Hawaiian Language Immersion (HLI) classrooms. In addition, Literacy Support services our HLI students in 5th and 6th grades. The goal of our dedicated Literacy Support Team is to help students become confident readers and writers.




Literacy/Curriculum Coordinator:      Maxine Yamamoto

Kindergarten:                                    Kathy Kurata

English grades 1 & 2, HLI 5/6:          Ginger Kamisugi

                                                          Sandy Davis

Hawaiian Language Immersion:       Leimomi Cleghorn

                                                          Kanoe Tanoue