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Media Club

The Waiau Elementary School Media Club meets every Tuesday after school.  Sixth grade student leaders and Fifth grade junior leaders help guide our newest members learn various skills.
Our group name is Flash Foto Fanatics. As media club members, we need to be responsible. We take pictures, make slideshows and flyers, and help make yearbook pages.
Our group, Lensation is in charge of taking pictures of JPO (group 1), Chorus, and Hui Mālamalama (Leadership). We also design the 2015-2016  Waiau Yearbook. We chose "Lensation" because we would be able to take pictures while creating a sensation!
We are the Screen Extremes. Our job as media club members is to take pictures of Violin, Hui Ukulele, and Volleyball, design the yearbook, and make flyers. 
Our group name is Technology Masters, we take pictures of different after school groups. We also design pages in the yearbook and video tape school performances.