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English Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities


For the duration of school closures, Waiau Elementary School will be providing two types of enrichment activities.  One will require internet access and the other will not. Online programs such as iReady Reading and Math, IXL and Wonders ConnectEd require internet access.  Choice boards with weekly enrichment activities do not require internet access. Students are free to choose and complete any combination of the enrichment activities we offer. 


The online learning opportunities can be accessed through our Waiau Elementary website.

www.waiauelementary.org ➜ Student Tab ➜ Student Resources



Students in K-6th grade should log into i-Ready by logging on to Clever on the Student Resources page.  Teachers will be monitoring usage to ensure students have a good learning experience and optimal success. 

  • i-Ready Math:  At least 45 minutes once a week passing a minimum of 2 lessons at 70% 
  • i-Ready Reading:  At least 45 minutes once a week passing a minimum of 2 lessons at 70% 


iReady • Learning Games for Math - Grades K-5

Learning Games are available for students in grades K-5.  They offer students engaging math fluency and number sense practice. Learning Games are accessible via an icon at the bottom of the student dashboard.  Students can access the Learning Games in iReady by logging on to Clever.

Parents can access information about the Learning Games and compatible devices here.


Wonders Language Arts Curriculum - Grades 1-6

Students can go online to Wonders ConnectEd on the Student Resources page to access and read from their textbooks and leveled readers.  Students can also play activities and games to reinforce skills learned in class.


IXL Math - Grade 2-6

Students gain fluency and confidence in math.  IXL helps students master essential skills at their own pace through fun and interactive questions, built-in support, and motivating awards.



Choice Boards are available for downloading or viewing every Monday morning.  Please click on the grade level link below.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Music & PE