Waiau Elementary School

Yearbook Sale extended until Feb 23, 2018 (click for order form)


Waiau Elementary School 2017-2018 Yearbook Sale

 The yearbooks will be on sale from Tuesday, January 16th to Thursday, February 15th.

Yearbooks can be purchased by cash or check at school for $22 each or online. If you purchase 

the yearbook online, there will a special price offer of $20 per yearbook until January 31st. After

January 31st the online price will be $22 until February 15th. NO extra yearbooks will be ordered.

Please place your order now so that your child/family will be sure to get a wonderful yearbook 

filled with memories. (All yearbooks will be delivered and passed out in May during the last week

of school.)

Directions to place online orders … (Please know your child’s room number and Teacher’s last name)

• Step 1: Go to pictavo.com

• Step 2: Click on Parents at the top

• Step 3: Scroll down and click the Pictavo icon on the bottom right side

• Step 4: Type in Waiau Elementary, click on Waiau Elementary, Let’s Go button

• Step 5: Click on Shop My School, Add to cart and fill in your information

If ordering through school with payment of cash or check … Please fill out bottom portion … cut

on the dotted line and return to school with payment to your child’s teacher before or on 

Thursday, February 15th by the end of the school day. 


- Please PRINT Clearly - - - Please PRINT Clearly - - - Please PRINT Clearly - - - thank you - - -

Child’s Name ________________________________________________ Room # _________

Teacher’s Name _____________________________________________ Grade __________

 2017-18 Waiau Elementary School Yearbook at $22 each $ _______________

Quantity Total Amount DUE __________

Please make checks out to Waiau Elementary School … if paying with cash – please send in the exact amount.


Parent Signature ____________________________________________ Date ___________

Thank you for purchasing a Waiau Elementary School Yearbook filled with great memories!


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