Mrs. Bualuay's 4th Grade Class

Course Description

In the 4th grade, you will be immersed in Hawaiian values, cultures, traditions and history. It is a year of learning about and appreciating our beautiful island home and all the rich culture and historical traditions that surround us everyday in this land we call Hawai'i nei. Interwoven with that, will be your discovery of your HA (Breath). We will focus on strengthening your sense of Belonging, Responsibility, Excellence, Total Well-being, Hawai'i and Aloha.

In all academic areas, you will continue to develop and eventually master basic foundational skills. You will become a savvier reader, writer, mathematician, problem solver and self-directed learner. We will dive deeper into concepts and develop more complex skills as a class, as you engage in thoughtful and reflective practices as an individual. I am confident that this year will bring you great growth along with a strong sense of pride and I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Let's be victorious, as we travel these uncharted waters together...Welcome to the 4th grade e na haumana!

"Loa‘a ka lanakila no ka hana pa‘akikï"

Victory is achieved through hard work. 


'O Waiau

'O Waiau ke ahupua'a
'O 'Ewa ka moku
'O ke awa o Pu'uloa
'O ke kai 'o Pole'a
Ke kia'i nei 'o Ka'ala me Maunakapu ia'u
He lani ko luna, he honua ko lalo
Maopopo le'a he Hawai'i no au
'O O'ahu ka mokupuni
'O Hawai'i ke kulaiwi
'O ka moana ka Pakipika
'O ka makani ke A'e
Ke pa maila ka la i ku'u one hanau
He lani ko luna, he honua ko lalo
Maopopo le'a he Hawai'i no au
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