Waiau Elementary School


I am the Student Support Coordinator here at Waiau Elementary. I have been teaching Special Education for over 24 years, starting in Oregon and in Hawaii at Waipahu Elementary School and here at Waiau for the last 16 years. As the Student Support Coordinator, I perform a variety of tasks and activities to assist the school in implementing school based services for all students.
Some of my duties include:
1. Facilitating conferences and collaborating with student team members to identify and address students needs
2. Coordinating school-wide support processes and evaluations on behalf of students and families
3. Administering assessments to obtain accurate picture of student's academic ability.

As a parent of a child with a learning disability, I have learned about some of the challenges that students may face in the classroom.  
On a personal note, I have four children. My two oldest children attended Waiau in the Hawaiian Language Immersion program. My daughter just graduated from a mainland college and my son just completed his second year at a mainland college. I also have a son who is a junior in high-school, and my youngest daughter is currently an 8th grader.

I am a true supporter of Waiau as my own children have greatly benefited from all that this school has to offer.