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Welcome to Waiau Elementary School's website. My name is Queena Yuen-Ohta. My students call me Mrs. Yuen. I received my Bachelor's Degree and Professional Diploma in Elementary Education from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. I am a fifth grade teacher. My teaching career started at Kapalama Elementary School in SY1993-1994 as a second grade teacher. Moving to the Leeward side a year later brought me to Waiau Elementary as a fifth grade teacher. I have been teaching fifth grade ever since and hope to stay at this wonderful school until retirement.

Teaching has been a dream of mine since I was eight years old. I remember playing "school" at home with my classmates. Of course, I had to be the teacher with the chalk in my hand writing on the blackboard and giving out math problems for my "students" to do. My childhood dream is now a reality. "Playing school" as an eight year old is very different from teaching 25+ ten year olds while ensuring these precious children are learning and growing, however, one thing remains the same. Teaching is fun, and I enjoy it. My goal is for my students to leave fifth grade knowing more than what they came in with, and I hope to impart a love of learning to my students. Thank you for taking time to explore and learn more about me and Waiau Elementary School.



Class Rules Rap

Felix wrote the lyrics and performed his rap on our class rules to help him memorize the class rules. Such a talented young man! Class rules: Show respect to others Have pride in yourself Raise your hand when you want to speak Use classroom voices Do your assignments and turn them in